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We employ some of the most talented builders in U.A.E and our engineers, supported by our specialist teams, deliver unrivaled building services solutions.


Aluminium Fabrication Work.
  • Curtain Wall Work.
  • 4 way/ 2 way normal glazing
  • Staircase & balcony railings.
  • Sky Light and Domes
Frame-less Works.
  • Spider fittings System
  • Glass railings
  • Automatic,frame-less and framed doors
  • Shower doors.
Aluminium composite panel cladding.
  • External wall cladding.
  • internal wall cladding.
  • Column cladding.
  • Canopy cladding.
Stainless Steel Works.
  • Stainless steel handrail staircase
  • Balcony handrails
  • Canopy cladding (S.S)
  • Door cladding (S.S)
  • Automatic sliding door (S.S)
M.S Steel Works.
  • Structural works
  • Canopy works
  • Handrail and cat ladder
  • M.S steel door
Folding/Sliding Doors
  • Smooth gliding movement
  • Durable rollers,Handles,Hinges etc.
  • Fully weatherproofed with quality vinyl seals & wood pile.
  • Keyed lock for added security.
Automatic Sliding Doors
  • Upto 70%less power loss in closed situation
  • Reliable automation
  • Ideal for both new build and renovations
  • Option of single/double leaf sliding versions
Automatic Revolving Doors.
  • Automatic drive system
  • Ideal for primary entrances
  • Smooth and safe traffic flow
  • Various options offered.
Frame-less Folding Doors
  • Custom built to your precise dimensions and specifications
  • Exclusive side-lock system compresses panels together
  • Ultra slim,Robust,Reliable and Weather tight.
  • Various options available.

Fabrication Solutions For Any Building Project